Organic veal chorizo

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We prepare this organic raw-dried delicacy from hand-skimmed and deciduous beef from ham and shoulder, seasoned with salt, organic sugar and a special mix of organic spices, giving the characteristic chorizo ​​aroma. How we give the unique taste of beef chorizo:
  • We grind the meat and stuff it in natural casings.
  • We put the chorizo ​​in an oven at a special temperature and humidity between 25 - 30 days.
Our organic beef chorizo ​​does not contain chemicals and preservatives. It is important for us to produce pure raw-dried delicacies, as many studies link the use of artificial additives in processed meat with diseases of varying severity. Our products are completely safe for human health. * The price is calculated for an average weight of 125 g. When buying by cash on delivery, the exact price of the delivered goods is paid. When paying by bank transfer or card, the difference ± 10% in weight is not paid or refunded.

Хранителни данни на продукта

Енергийна стойност 314 kcal/1313 kJ
Мазнини 19.05g - from which saturated fats: 9.06g
Въглехидрати 1.93g - from which sugar: 0.91g
Белтъчини 34.57g
Сол 4.30g

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