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100% bio beef

From free-range cattle in a semi-wild environment in the Eastern Rhodopes.


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Първата сертифицирана
био кланица в БГ


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Meat from the organic farm The wild farm with which to feed our children

Organic farm The wild farm is our world, in which one finds preserved the ancient Bulgarian traditions. In the village of Gorno Pole, nestled in the Eastern Rhodopes, between the protected areas Chernata Skala and Pchelen Kamak, we are already raising over 1,200 cattle in the wild in their natural environment. We choose to produce organic products not only for the health of our children, but also for the health and safety of your little ones. The cleaner the food, the healthier the bodies. Because … If it is not grown properly, it cannot be tasty and healthy!

Organic production that we are proud of

In our farm for free breeding, we produce quality beef from Bulgarian local breeds of animals. The free way of life they lead contributes to the unique taste of the meat we produce. We raise local breeds in the best possible eco-environment and with the highest standards of animal welfare.

The first eco beef farm in Bulgaria

Our eco farm has a certified slaughterhouse. This ensures that the food chain will never be interrupted and we can sell excellent fresh and safe products to our customers.

We offer delivery of fresh meat in the city of Sofia. We deliver our vacuum-packed and sterilized beef products in jars and sausages throughout Bulgaria. You receive your shipment within 48 hours. We believe in the simplicity of production, without unnecessarily complicated processes. Nature, air, health. For you, for us, for everyone. Try the organic veal from the Wild Farm. We are convinced that you will not want to eat anything else.

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