We are the first bio-certified processing enterprise in Bulgaria, through which we managed to realize our long-standing dream of closing the cycle of watching and selling bio-calf meat products.

The processing plant of the Wild Farm consists of two main lines of honey production and meat processing:

Meat production

Our slaughterhouse is designed with the most modern technological line, fully compliant with the standards for animal welfare and meets all the requirements of the BFSA, with an international control system for achieving good quality through the introduction of good manufacturing practice and HACCP, equipped with a meat production line allowing the processing of cattle.

The animals are entirely from our own family farm – the process of bio-certification of the entire farm started in the distant 2008.

The animals, which arrived on their own, move on a special movable overpass (ramp), which does not allow slipping, and side barriers are provided for directing the animals. After the meat production processes in the organic slaughterhouse and the initial slicing and cutting of the animals, the meat obtained from our organic calves is subjected to shock cooling in order to preserve to the highest degree both the taste and the good condition of the meat.

Meat processing

Our processing plant, in which the obtained own organic beef production is transformed into a finished product such as fresh preparations, raw-dried sausages, jars of beef, sazdarma, broth, pate, etc., is equipped with the necessary premises for its proper functioning. to meet all Euro standards.

The company is equipped with machines and equipment of the latest technologies in this field, which include machines for cutting, grinding, stuffing, cooking, sterilization, vacuuming, pressing and drying of meat, in order to obtain a high quality and healthy product, which does not exclude only in itself and manual labor to achieve an even higher quality organic product. Of course, our team has also been considered – we have equipped a rest room during working hours with all the extras.

Thus, we managed to create a modern enterprise that meets all European standards in the field of meat production and meat processing, and at the same time we have preserved the heritage of our ancestors. That is why we believe in:

The taste of my childhood

Our organic products are not only food, they are a medicine from nature!

Thus we follow the covenant of Hippocrates: “Our food is our medicine and our medicine is our food.”