Organic beef tallow

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We prepare this organic delicacy from 100% beef tallow without additional flavors. Beef tallow is released naturally when the tubular bones and meat are boiled. Organic veal tallow is available in jars of 640 g. It is used in all types of heat treatment of food. It is suitable for frying because after heat treatment it does not change its chemical composition and is not carcinogenic like other frying products such as sunflower oil and olive oil.

Хранителни данни на продукта

Енергийна стойност 897 kcal/3687 kJ
Мазнини 99.49g - from which saturated fats: 18.36g
Въглехидрати <0.10g - from which sugar: 0g
Белтъчини 0.32g
Сол 0g

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