Organic beef pate

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We prepare this organic delicacy from beef liver, beef, beef broth, beef tallow and a special mix of organic spices without artificial preservatives. How to give a unique taste to beef pate:
  • We prepare the pate in a cutter for complete homogenization of the product.
  • We add a little salt and organic sugar to serve as a natural preservative.
  • Season with a special mix of organic spices.
Organic beef pate is available in jars of 170 g. It is suitable for consumption by small children. It is rich in iron, magnesium, calcium, omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin B3.

Хранителни данни на продукта

Енергийна стойност 54 kcal/225 kJ
Мазнини 2.710g - from which saturated fats: 1.67g
Въглехидрати 1.56g - from which sugar: 0.52g
Белтъчини 14.64g
Сол 1.54g

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